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--- Males & Females, Children, and Babies may enter this Contest.

This Contest is Rated G. Please keep content so that even toddlers can have fun with this and not be seeing things that toddlers should not see. Show us your photography talent by taking a photo of a mother and baby. (Note: Mother and toddler is Your picture should be a .jpg if it has no writing (text) on it. It should be a .png IF it has writing (text) on it. The picture should be no wider than 1000px, although 800px or even 600px wide is better. Understand that the bigger the picture the more problematic it becomes to load! If you have trouble loading a bigger picture, such as 1000 pixels wide, try making it 600px wide and it will probably load for you.

Although this Contest is not set up for GIFS (no animated GIFS please), we have set this Contest up as a dual contest: Videos are allowed. You can participate in just the Jpg Contest, just the Video Contest, or both. The top 5 finishers in both the PIC and the VIDEO Contests are Winners, for a total of 10 Winners. The 1st Place Winner, as well as the 2nd Place Winner, will be chosen from either the PIC or from the VIDEO - but not from both. There will be a 1st Place Winner, a 2nd Place Winner, and a 3rd Place Winner.

Users vote for the Mother & Baby Picture they like the best. Also, for the Mother & Baby Video they like the best. It is FREE to View, Vote, and Play this Contest. It is also:


No monetary investment to the website is required in order to WIN one of the 10 Cash Jackpots that a contest offers. Not only is this NOT GAMBLING, as some people might falsely label it, but furthermore, each Contest requires skills in photography, video making, art, graphic design, makeup, sports, whatever the case may be.

Note to People Who Might Want To Sponsor This Contest:

It costs you as little as $40.00 to Sponsor this Contest and hopefully make money from it. A "PRIVATE" Sponsor Fee is $20.00. We keep this price low to help poor people to be able to do these businesses. Even homeless people can raise $20.00 to Sponsor their own Contest and hopefully make money with it. With the $40.00 Minimum Contest, it only offers one Cash Jackpot, and that very low: $20.00 . If you can't afford more, then go for it. But we recommend at least $100.00 as a Cash Jackpot. The more money you put into your Cash Jackpot, the more likely lots of people will be drawn to play your Cash Jackpot Contest. Think about it: who isn't more drawn to a $5000.00 Cash Jackpot than a $50.00 Cash Jackpot? Who isn't more drawn to winning a new car than winning a hamster? So make it as flamboyant as you can afford! Also, ideally, what we would like you to do is make it so that ALL Top 10 Entrants WIN something. Who isn't more drawn to 10 possibilities to Win - over just 1 possibility to Win?

So how do you make money SPONSORING YOUR OWN CONTESTS?

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This Contest is FREE to Play, FREE to Look, FREE to Vote For A Winner.

And FREE TO WIN one of the 3 Cash Jackpots!

Note: Not every Contest has 10 Cash Jackpots. We recommend that but if a Private Sponsor can only afford $20.00 for 1 Cash Jackpot, then we go with the 1 Cash Jackpot ... But 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners are also good.

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