[Note: Since a Contest lasts anywhere from 1 to 6 months, depending on how populated it is - your initial Registration for this Contest is good until the Contest ends. Once the Contest ends, then if you wish to replay the same Contest, (if it is open again for play), at that point you will need to re-register. Any Contestant can WIN this Contest with NO MONETARY INVESTMENT REQUIRED.]

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As a security measure we use SHA 512 passwords. These are so long that you will not be able to memorize them. Click on The Online- above, select one of the first two hashes. You will need to save and copy & paste your SHA512 password each time you LogIn. Not convenient, we know, but we're trying to EARN Money for you and we want security for you. Crackers would love to break into your Password and claim your Earnings & Winnings for themselves! The best security for keeping an expert Cracker from cracking your Password is a ridiculously long password.
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